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While I spend a significant amount of my time on analytics and collecting fundamental information, at the end of the day, I am a slave to the tape and proud of it. – Paul Tudor Jones

Profitable Trade Ideas Built on Value + Growth Fundamentals…

Accomplished investors know the key data points that can have a direct bearing on the valuation (and stock price) of a company – what to look for when dissecting the quarterly profit/loss, cash flow, and balance sheet statements. For instance, fundamental metrics such as gross profit margin growth, pure operating margin growth, free cash flow yield, debt to capital ratio, operating return on capital, etc., are some of the varying components that provide valuable insight into management competence, and sustainability of performance, within a business…

The challenge is in knowing how to bring together these initially fragmentary raw metrics into cohesive, fully integrated formulae, which combine logic and reason into identifying successful businesses, which provide potential deep-value and growth trading ideas…

  • SPX1 Strategy: $1,000 Invested = $42,634.95 Rtn
  • SP-500: $1,000 Invested = $3,127.00 Rtn
Let Us Do The Math…

Identifying newly unfolding trade ideas, and putting capital to work, is what we do every day…

Starting from a clean sheet – 6am first trading day of the week – we run a two-step stock screening process, focusing on S&P 500 stocks

The first step of the process is designed to capture value stocks with strong free-cash-flow to enterprise-value (FCF/EV) yields, backed by improving cash-flow margins, and improving earnings-to-capital yields, amongst other advanced fundamental criteria.

This initial screening process, applied to all five hundred S&P stocks, objectively narrows down our universe (and focus) to ‘qualifying’ companies (our watchlist) to which we apply our ranking algorithm.

Every stock in our ‘qualifying companies’ watchlist is tracked by a unique money-flow algorithm, to seek out companies which exhibit the strongest recent ‘large-hands’ (or ‘smart’) money-flow, relative to historical activity. The strategy invests in the top five ranked stocks.

These are the five ‘SPX1 strategy’ stocks we hold, checked and refreshed every week (6am, first trading day of the week).

A Trading Plan You Can Emulate…

Subscribers can now (since May 7th) view all our buy and sell orders, in real-time, at (C2) – an independent, fully impartial service which verifies every trading signal we make. All five stocks we are presently holding are published live on the C2 platform.

Investors can view, witness, follow, or copy every trade entry and exit we make, to closely emulate the strategy. Subscribers may even copy/autotrade every signal (fully automated) via their own independent broker (eg., interactive brokers)…

Receive Every Signal in Real-Time. Or Put Your Trading on Autopilot.

Investors can freely view every trade we have made, independently verified by Collective2, since May 7th 2018. This includes every win/loss, and percentage gain/loss trade-by-trade. Nothing is excluded.

The C2 platform is a fully independent, impartial online service which connects traders and investors with verified strategy developers (it’s very simple – click on video to the right to see how it works).

In order to subscribe to our buy/sell signal in real-time, firstly create a free C2 account by clicking on the step-1 button below. Then, once logged in to your new C2 account, come back to this page, and click on the step-2 button. On the resulting screen, click ‘Subscribe’.

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