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Capture The Best Trading Ideas Fast With Our Top Performing Stock Screens… Proven to Consistently Outperform the S&P500 Every Year Since December 2001…

First We Create a Watchlist of Value Stocks with Strong Fundamentals. Then We Apply Technical Timing

Built upon professional, time-tested investing methods, our ready-to-go stock screens are designed to save you time. Each of our distinct screening strategies take into account advanced company fundamentals, combined with precise technical timing indicators…

Put to the test, the results (below) demonstrate how the disciplined, fully automated (rules-based) combination of positive fundamentals (gross margin growth, operating margin growth, improving cash-flow to equity, strong operating return on capital, etc.), with precise technical timing indicators (such as a recent spike in institutional money-flow), results in a robust, consistently outperforming stock portfolio…

Portfolio One:

Capture The Strongest Free-Cash-Flow Generating Stocks With Positive Institutional Money-Flow…

Based on a four-weekly stock screen (applied every fourth Sunday to around 8,000+ NYSE/Nasdaq stocks), the P1 screen is designed to capture value stocks which meet five distinct fundamental + technical criteria. The five screening rules are…

1: Improving Free-Cash-Flow Margins (FCF/Revenue).

2: Strong FCF to Enterprise-Value (FCF/EV) Yield.

3: Strong FCF/Equity Yield.

4: Improving Quarterly FCF/Equity Yield.

5: Strong Recent Institutional Money-Flow (Accumulation).

This initial screening process, narrows down the 8,000+ universe, to a ‘watchlist’ of qualifying companies we can focus on. At this point, we further remove all stocks within the financial sector, and any company with a market-cap of less than $50million. This results in a clean, ready-to-use list of around 20-100 qualifying companies.

We then rank the results in sort-order of highest (relative to historical levels) institutional money-flow. Stocks with the highest money-flow go at the top, then the next highest, and so on.

The fully-automated strategy invests in the top ten ranked stocks, updated and refreshed every four weeks.

Receive The Latest Top 20 Qualifying Stocks Published 5pm Every Sunday…

Our primary objective is to provide our members with the latest (weekly) list of qualifying stocks. These are checked against all five qualifying screen factors. When any one of over 8,000+ NYSE/Nasdaq stocks passes the five screening rules, we list it as a ‘rated’ stock…

The list of qualifying stocks are checked and updated each weekend, published and sent to members via email (PDF), every Sunday…

Stocks are listed in a precise sort-order of highest relative money-flow, allowing subscribers to more easily emulate the same portfolio if they wish to do so, or alternatively, research any individual pre-screened stock, to consider specific opportunities as part of their own individual investing strategies or portfolio’s.

Membership is strictly limited to 250 subscribers (each member receives a unique 3 digit access code numbered between 001-250). In order to join, please get in touch with us initially, by completing the short form below…

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